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C27200 Brass Tube

C27200 Brass Tube has good mechanical properties, plastic can also be cold, good machinability, easy fiber welding and welding, corrosion resistance, but easy to corrosion rupture, in addition to the price is cheap, is the most widely used common brass variety. A variety of deep extension and bending manufactured force parts, such as pins. Rivets, washers, nuts. Catheters. Barometer springs. Screen, radiator parts, etc.

C23000 Brass Tube

C23000 Brass Tube brass has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water, and has good plasticity, H85 is easy to cold and hot pressure processing, easy welding, forging and tinning, no stress corrosion rupture tendency.

C24000 Brass Tube

C24000 Brass Tube, common brass plate, has high strength, good plasticity, high corrosion resistance, used as thin wall pipe, corrugated pipe paper mesh and building supplies.

C34000 Brass Tube

C34000 Brass Tube, also known as lead brass drawing rod, lead brass with high lead, can not be processed in hot state, machinability is very good, and has high wear reduction performance.