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Pb99.940 Lead Coil

Pb99.940 Lead Coil is a sheet rolled with metal lead, with a specific gravity of 11.345 g/cm. Lead has a good absorption rate to X-rays and rays and is widely used as a protective material for X-ray machines and atomic energy devices. In addition, it has rapid and strong corrosion resistance, and also has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance. It is widely used in acid-resistant environment, medical radiation protection, X-ray protection in CT room, sound insulation and other aspects. It is a cheap radiation protection material. The lead plate has good anti-radiation effect in the range of 100 kV to 300 kV, and is also suitable for comprehensive protection of any medical treatment, technology and research.

Pb99.994 Lead Coil

Pb99.994 Lead Coil after a short period of low temperature heating, the lead roll is not easy to coarsening, and it is easy to obtain a favorable primary grain size, which is also beneficial to control the coarsening and growth of precipitated products.