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Astm A36 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coil

A36 Execution of U.S. standards A36 pressure vessel plate A36 hot rolled steel plate A36 thin plate A36 medium thick plate A36 rolled plate A36 ultra-thick plate A36 welding process A36 yield strength A36 process performance A36 flaw detection Vessel plate is mainly used to do pressure vessel use, for the purpose of the use, temperature, corrosion resistance of different, should be selected by the vessel plate material, are not the same. Vessel plate heat treatment: hot rolling, controlled rolling, normalizing, normalizing + tempering, tempering + quenching (tempering). Vessel plate is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other industries, for the production of reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear power reactors, pressure shells, boiler packages, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, hydropower station high-pressure water pipes, hydraulic turbine worm shells and other equipment and components.

Q235 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coil

Q235 Hot Rolled Coil is a steel product with good plasticity, workability, high strength and hardness, which is widely used in construction, bridge, shipbuilding and other fields. Meanwhile, it also has excellent welding performance, which provides important support for the rapid development of various industries. In China's steel industry, Q235 hot rolled coil occupies a pivotal position.Q235 hot rolled coil also has high strength and hardness. Its chemical composition and the optimization of the heat treatment process make it have excellent mechanical properties. This means that Q235 HRC can withstand large external forces and pressures, maintain a stable shape and provide good structural stability. Therefore, Q235 hot rolled coils are widely used in building construction and bridge construction.

Q195 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coil

Q195 hot rolled coil is a kind of commonly used carbon structural steel, which is produced through high temperature rolling process and has good plasticity and toughness with certain tensile strength. It is widely used in the manufacture of various mechanical parts, building structures and steel reinforcement, etc. It has high dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and is convenient for subsequent processing and molding. In addition, Q195 hot rolled coil also has good welding performance and a certain degree of corrosion resistance, so it has an important application value in industrial production. It is usually used to make various components and parts to meet the needs of daily life and work.

Q355 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Coil

Q345 Hot Rolled Coil is a high quality low alloy high strength structural steel, which occupies an important position in the fields of construction, bridge, ship and vehicle building with its high strength, good toughness and welding performance. Through precise steelmaking, rolling and cooling processes, Q345 hot rolled coils exhibit smooth surfaces and precise dimensions, ensuring their reliability in a variety of complex structures and heavy-duty components. Whether it's a beam in a high-rise building, the hull of a large ship, or the frame of a heavy-duty vehicle, Q345 hot rolled coils are able to meet the demands of demanding applications with their outstanding performance.